Alfred Charles Tharby Born 3/12/1935 Deceased 10/1/2021

Readers will be saddened to hear of the unexpected death in Northallerton of Alf Tharby. He died on 10th January 2021. Cause of death is attributed to COVID-19. Prior to his retirement in 2007, Alf was a leading Professional and pioneer for the Middle East Exhibition Logistics industry. Born in 1935 and growing up as […]


During the Covid-19 pandemic, webinars have become one of the best tools for generating leads, accelerating the pipeline, and the transfer of knowledge to customers. The trend is likely to continue as marketers come to rely on webinars to engage with their key audiences. Today, simply giving a webinar isn’t enough. To stand out, you […]

6 Tactics to Attract and Retain Exhibitors

Eliminate pain points: cost, confusion, accommodation and logistics 2. Rewards programmes: local discounts, perks, discounted sponsorships 3. Hospitality during set-up and break-down. 4. Minimize pages and fine print in exhibitor manuals 5. Consult all year long: be available, everywhere. 6. Make your event a lead machine, be a matchmaker.

Stereotypes: Wherever I am , there’s POO.

There is one person that the buck stops with, is responsible for clearing up the cock ups we make and who, at every opportunity, side steps responsibility. It is the Principal Operating Officer. Now, I have been in the big leather chair and it is lonely at the top. Good management books will tell you […]

WHO, what, how?

There’s been a lot of narrative in the events trade press about how trade events and “mass gatherings” might start operating post lockdown. As the industry spends time debating the differentiation of events and lobbying authorities around the world to consider opening up the industry, much has been put on the emphasis on “what will […]

How to stay sane during isolation

Stuck inside to stay safe from COVID-19? We’ve got you. Spoiler alert: alcohol and food are among them. As the coronavirus pandemic are forcing people into social distancing or isolation, people are being forced into intense confinement, sometimes inclose quarters for long periods of time. Being alone most of the day elicits strange behaviour, especially […]

The Rise and Rise of Influencer Marketing : How to find yours.

There are thethree things every marketer wants from their marketing strategy. Simplicity, affordability and effectiveness. Sadly, some marketers are stranded on islands. They put messages in bottles and throw them into the sea, hoping something will come back. They work alone. Others are connected. They’ve learned that collaboration leads to better content, better reach, more […]

100 Disruptive Marketing Ideas: Grow Sales With Zero Budget

 Not everyone can afford to hire a marketing consultant, so here we offer you a spectrum of disruptive weapons to arm your marketing war chestwith.  Public Relations and Publicity  1. The oldest disruptive trick is old fashion PR so keep at it. Pick up the phone and give local journalists what they need most;great news content […]