Cheat Sheet: Exceptional exhibitor customer service

Exhibitors are the biggest source of revenue for your event, but often complain of feeling like second-class citizens. Giving exhibitors premium service will pay dividends in renewals and loyalty. Steal ideas liberally from hospitality and other good service providers. Three principles of exhibitor service: Show you care — interest and empathy go a long way. […]

How to Reduce Costs at Trade Shows

Trade shows can increase sales, visibility, brand-name recognition, and your industry presence, even in a struggling economy. They also provide prime networking opportunities. Here are some ways to cut costs that will not interfere with your goals for attending these events. Tip: Don’t Get Lost in the Crowd Prime space, which gets the most traffic, often […]

Cheat Sheet: E-newsletters

E-newsletters are a popular marketing tool, but can you produce an electronic newsletter that’s not only opened but also welcomed by your attendees and exhibitors? Here are a few pointers to make your e-newsletters more successful. When to send e-newsletters and how often There’s not a cut-and-dry formula for when to send an e-newsletter and […]

Cheat Sheet: Creating attendee-friendly shows

Find out what attendees value • Explore all methods of gathering intelligence, from personal intercepts during the show to on-site surveys. • Do pre- and post-show surveys, and compare expectations and evaluations. • Be sure to include as many open-ended questions as possible. (Typical surveys state the anticipated issues and expected responses but neglect more experiential input.) • If […]

10 Common Exhibiting Mistakes

We all make mistakes, however, if we are aware of the pitfalls that can occur, there is a better chance we can avoid errors that, more often than not, can be fairly costly. The following are 10 of the most common mistakes exhibitors make pre-show, at-show and post-show: Pre-show Failing to set exhibiting goals. Goals, […]

Firing Clients! Are you mad?

When was the last time you fired a client? Have you ever fired a client? Are you nuts?… I hear you ask. Although it may sound ridiculous to some, the idea of letting a client go is not new or radical. Many clients need to be fired! A colleague asked my advice recently about a […]