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During the Covid-19 pandemic, webinars have become one of the best tools for generating leads, accelerating the pipeline, and the transfer of knowledge to customers. The trend is likely to continue as marketers come to rely on webinars to engage with their key audiences. Today, simply giving a webinar isn’t enough. To stand out, you […]

6 Tactics to Attract and Retain Exhibitors

Eliminate pain points: cost, confusion, accommodation and logistics 2. Rewards programmes: local discounts, perks, discounted sponsorships 3. Hospitality during set-up and break-down. 4. Minimize pages and fine print in exhibitor manuals 5. Consult all year long: be available, everywhere. 6. Make your event a lead machine, be a matchmaker.

WHO, what, how?

There’s been a lot of narrative in the events trade press about how trade events and “mass gatherings” might start operating post lockdown. As the industry spends time debating the differentiation of events and lobbying authorities around the world to consider opening up the industry, much has been put on the emphasis on “what will […]

We should be talking

Do you need to deliver results? Do you need experienced event project management professionals speedily at busy periods? Do you want to make effective and sustainable changes to your project or marketing strategies? Experienced people make a difference and with over 30 years’ experience of all aspects ofevent management, we provide a flexible, efficient and […]

Love the one you’re with

9 tips for building loyalty — and commissions The number one goal of most sales teams is acquiring new customers. In fact, many of the teams I coach even have bigger budgets, more creative leeway and earn higher commissions when they acquire new business. To my mind, however, there’s a big problem with this line […]

Wagging the Dog

Plan Ahead for What Happens After the Show It might seem a little backward. After all, why would you want to waste time and energy worrying now about things that won’t happen until the show closes?  Doesn’t it seem like putting the cart before the horse? It might seem that way, but the reality is thatpreparing […]

When Good Clients Go Bad

There is a seeming trend recently across the events industry to lay the blame for failed relationships directly at contractors feet, with a plethora of excuses being uttered from the management team exclaiming how bad a contractor they were, how they simply didn’t get what the contractor was offering or worse how they never liked […]