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How to stay sane during isolation

Stuck inside to stay safe from COVID-19? We’ve got you. Spoiler alert: alcohol and food are among them. As the coronavirus pandemic are forcing people into social distancing or isolation, people are being forced into intense confinement, sometimes inclose quarters for long periods of time. Being alone most of the day elicits strange behaviour, especially […]

The Rise and Rise of Influencer Marketing : How to find yours.

There are thethree things every marketer wants from their marketing strategy. Simplicity, affordability and effectiveness. Sadly, some marketers are stranded on islands. They put messages in bottles and throw them into the sea, hoping something will come back. They work alone. Others are connected. They’ve learned that collaboration leads to better content, better reach, more […]

49 point checklist for visiting a show

Before the Show: 1. What do you want to achieve by visiting the show? 2. What does your boss want you to achieve? 3. Which exhibitors do you want to visit? Time with exhibitor 4. What is the total length of time you want to spend at the show? 5. Have you recorded how much […]

How to go from WOW to WTF

Satisfied customers are nice, but delighted customers are more likely to be a returning customer. If nothing else, it is 14 times easier to sell to an existing happy client than it is to secure a new customer so it’s in your best interests to do everything in your power to keep those participating in […]

How NOT to Appoint A Marketing Contractor

With event organisers typically spending an average of 22% of their annual revenue on marketing; getting external contractors to provide marketing services can be financially advantageous. However, with the continuing advent of technology and new marketing tactics it can be nigh-on impossible for organisers to stay on top of the latest trends which makes picking […]

How to harness gamification for exhibition success

As seen in Exhibition World Gamification, says Neil Coombes, is a relatively new feature of exhibitions. Like anything new, gamification is still developing and new and exciting strategies are always being created. But, why is this? Introducing gamification to an exhibition has a range of effects and influences on delegates at an exhibition. One of […]

Steps to……

Three Low-Cost Exhibit Marketing Ideas We’ve all heard the bad news about what it costs to exhibit at shows. (Estimate: $7,000 for a 10-foot portable!) The good news is that there are also many inexpensive ways for small companies to promote themselves at shows. Here are three ideas: Name awareness. Many people buy products simply […]

Selling to new exhibitors

Pinpoint prospects. Looking for new customers? Consider these sources: Referrals. Nothing beats word of mouth, so tap your existing exhibitors and attendees for referrals. Sweeten the deal with an incentive like a discount on next year’s booth or on registration. Grass root sources. For regional shows, contact state or local economic development councils and ask […]