The Intrapreneur*’s Ten Comandments

 * That’s not a typo. An Intrapreneur is a manager within a company who promotes innovation, development and marketing. Build your team, intrapreneuring is not a solo activity. Share credit widely. Ask for advice before you ask for resources. Underpromise and overdeliver — publicity triggers the corporate immune system. Do any job needed to make […]

How to exhibit yourself – or the 7 steps to successful exhibiting.

It’s generally considered that, for face-to-face marketing, Exhibitions, Conferences and Confexes are one of the most effective media in the marketing mix. No other media offers the opportunity to maximise sales, marketing, research, branding, financial, and other rewards for companies that understand some important exhibition marketing fundamentals. Indeed, executive decision-makers consistently rank exhibitions as their […]

Seven Deadly Sins Of Pre-Show Mail Campaigns

There’s no end to the ways you can mess up a direct mail campaign. Most of us are familiar with the mistakes that lead to certain direct-mail death: don’t ask for any action, mail the item too late, don’t use benefits-oriented copy, or (heaven forbid!) don’t send anything at all. Pre-show direct mailers are a […]

5 Engaging Questions to Ask Your Visitors

Questions are the key to opening the door to exhibiting success. By asking the right questions in the right way, you can engage the attention of prospective customers, gain their trust, and get the information you need to ultimately make the sale. An engaging question gives the attendee a chance to open up and talk about […]

Cheat Sheet: Exceptional exhibitor customer service

Exhibitors are the biggest source of revenue for your event, but often complain of feeling like second-class citizens. Giving exhibitors premium service will pay dividends in renewals and loyalty. Steal ideas liberally from hospitality and other good service providers. Three principles of exhibitor service: Show you care — interest and empathy go a long way. […]

How to Reduce Costs at Trade Shows

Trade shows can increase sales, visibility, brand-name recognition, and your industry presence, even in a struggling economy. They also provide prime networking opportunities. Here are some ways to cut costs that will not interfere with your goals for attending these events. Tip: Don’t Get Lost in the Crowd Prime space, which gets the most traffic, often […]

Cheat Sheet: E-newsletters

E-newsletters are a popular marketing tool, but can you produce an electronic newsletter that’s not only opened but also welcomed by your attendees and exhibitors? Here are a few pointers to make your e-newsletters more successful. When to send e-newsletters and how often There’s not a cut-and-dry formula for when to send an e-newsletter and […]

Cheat Sheet: Creating attendee-friendly shows

Find out what attendees value • Explore all methods of gathering intelligence, from personal intercepts during the show to on-site surveys. • Do pre- and post-show surveys, and compare expectations and evaluations. • Be sure to include as many open-ended questions as possible. (Typical surveys state the anticipated issues and expected responses but neglect more experiential input.) • If […]

10 Common Exhibiting Mistakes

We all make mistakes, however, if we are aware of the pitfalls that can occur, there is a better chance we can avoid errors that, more often than not, can be fairly costly. The following are 10 of the most common mistakes exhibitors make pre-show, at-show and post-show: Pre-show Failing to set exhibiting goals. Goals, […]