Trolling for International Attendees

There are plenty of prospects in the sea. Here’s how to lure them to your events worldwide. The world may be getting smaller, but it’s still tough to reach people. That quickly becomes apparent when you try to attract attendees from a variety of countries to a show from overseas. Fortunately, there are plenty of […]

How Disruptive Marketers Economize

When disruptive marketers think of economizing, they don’t necessarily think of trying to save money. What they do think of is getting the absolute most from any money they’ve invested in marketing. They realize there are two kinds of marketing – expensive and inexpensive – and they know that expensive marketing is the kind that […]

10 questions to ask a registration services vendor

1. Do you own or rent your equipment? Whether it’s computers, servers, printers, handheld scanners or lead-retrieval devices, it’s good to know that the vendor owns, maintains and constantly upgrades its equipment. 2. Where are your servers physically located? What backups do you have in place? Reliable vendors will have contingency plans with redundant servers, […]