What Is Business Blogging?

Business blogging is a marketing tactic that uses blogging to get your business more online visibility. That definition raises two questions: What is “blogging,” though? I still don’t know what blogging is! What do you mean by “online visibility”? Let’s start with question number one. Blogging is the act of creating short-form content. A “blog […]

10 Things Social Media Can’t Do

Substitute for marketing strategy A Twitter campaign, or a Facebook page that announces your weekly specials is not a marketing strategy. Succeed without top management buy-in Social media requires a way of thinking that includes willingness to listen to customers, make changes based on feedback, and trust employees to talk to customers.The culture of fear […]


Never fail to turn up for an appointment Never promise anything you cannot deliver Never knock the competition Never argue with a prospective client Never leave a lost sale thinking it is gone forever Never turn up for an appointment reeking of alcohol Never deviate from the purpose of selling Never take rejection to heart […]

6 Common Sales Myths

Think you’re a terrible salesperson? Get over these classic misconceptions, and you’ll be on the road to being a sales superstar. Q: I know it’s important to sell, but I’m no good at it, and I can’t afford to hire a salesperson right now. How can I develop the “tough skin” that I need to […]

5 Silver Bullets for Stopping Sales and Marketing Leaks

It’s a sad fact of our profession, but the truth is that more than 70 percent of leads generated by marketing lies untouched by sales. Such sales and marketing “leakage” occurs when marketing spends significant revenue on large-scale campaigns that deliver large volumes of leads but very few bona fide prospects. This, in turn, causes sales […]

How to do a 60 second pitch going up :: The elevator pitch explained

The “elevator pitch” is one of the more controversial aspects of event promotion. Event business culture has always been uncomfortable with this form of blowing one’s own trumpet, perceiving it as insincere, shallow and opportunistic. However, over the last few years, a growing businesses, both large and small, have made the elevator pitch an integral part of […]