Cheat Sheet :: Savings for smaller shows

Even if your small or mid-sized show doesn’t carry the clout of the big guys, there are still ways to save money without making it appear you’re cutting corners. Where you meet • Do your homework on site selection. Meeting in a smaller city may not always result in cost savings, as one would assume. […]

Cheat Sheet :: Matchmaking services

Utilizing matchmaking services to help the right buyers meet the right exhibitors has been a growing trend, especially in the last year. Many shows are bringing home the ROI of their events by ensuring exhibitors meet their top prospects. Here’s how it’s done. Matchmaking software options • Many registration/event management packages include matchmaking software as an […]

Cheat Sheet: Exhibitor lead tracking

Helping exhibitors become more successful at following up on leads generated at your show will give your event greater value in their future marketing plans. LEAD-TRACKING TRACK RECORD The good news: •  90 percent of attendees say exhibitions are their primary source of information about products •  57 percent will make a purchase decision in […]

How To… handle clients from hell

One of the unavoidable problems of running an event is having to deal with the occasional disgruntled customer. But what happens when you encounter the client from hell who complains endlessly about everything your company does and has made it his mission to make your life a misery? The answer may be just to say goodbye. […]

9 Word Email To Revive Dead Leads

People spend far too much time and effort chasing after fresh leads when they usually have old leads that they have given up on. This 9 word email can quickly flood you with new clients at absolutely zero cost. But first the reason why this works: 100 Typical Leads When looking at leads that come […]

The Future Is in Organisers’ Hands

This post first appeared on Whether event organisers want to admit it or not, trade shows face a serious problem. Thanks to high costs and digital competition, it’s harder to sell floor space than ever before. Organisers have to take action to retain current exhibitors and encourage new ones or risk seeing participant numbers […]

The Trade Show Survival Kit

When you’re packing, be sure to pack your Trade Show Survival Kit. The Trade Show Survival Kit is the perfect way to prepare and maintain your peak performance during your next show. Put each of the items described below together in a large 9″ x 12″ clear plastic envelope. There is plenty of room left […]