The A to Z of Exhibiting

Whether your company sells tangible products such as widgets or cheese or intangible services such as web hosting or financial planning, the process of exhibiting is much the same. Exhibitors everywhere need to market their companies to targeted audiences both on and off the show floor. It seems obvious that every exhibitor should have a […]

Acronyms for the event organiser

  2BC/2: Too Bloody Clever by Half A3: Any time, Any place, Anywhere. AAA: Alive, Alert, Aggressive ADIDAS: All Day I Dream About Sex AGA: Acute Gravity Attack. AHOYA: Asshole Of The Year Award. AKUTA: A Kick up The Arse/Ass. ASTRO: Always Stating The Really Obvious. ATNA: All Talk No Action.. AWTF: Away With The […]

10 Ways to Increase Email Response Rates

List Hygiene Is Essential A clean list – one with few outdated or incorrectly formatted addresses – will have a higher deliverability rate. This translates into more messages delivered correctly to intended recipients. A clean list also makes ISPs happy. They are less likely to block your email messages or route them to bulk/junk email […]

Trolling for International Attendees

The world may be getting smaller, but it’s still tough to reach people. That quickly becomes apparent when you try to attract attendees from a variety of countries. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources available to help reel them in. You’ve probably been in touch with several organizations — trade associations, industry publications, and the […]

Selling to new exhibitors

Four steps for attracting new exhibitors and boosting stand space sales Pinpoint prospects. Looking for new customers? Consider these sources: Referrals. Nothing beats word of mouth, so tap your existing exhibitors and attendees for referrals. Sweeten the deal with an incentive like a discount on next year’s booth or on registration. Grass root sources. For […]

Seven Deadly Sins Of Pre-Show Mail Campaigns

Lets face it. There’s no end to the ways you can mess up a direct mail campaign. Most of us are familiar with the mistakes that lead to certain direct-mail death: don’t ask for any action, mail the item too late, don’t use benefits-oriented copy, or (heaven forbid!) don’t send anything at all. Pre-show direct […]

Lead systems: An outside effort or do-it-yourself?

Now that you’ve decided to utilize a lead retrieval system for your next show, will you contract for the services of a registration company, or handle the process in-house? Making the wrong decision can have a serious impact on your bottom line. Consider the following factors: What is your attendance? Most suppliers agree that the […]