Stereotypes: The Principle Operating Officer.

There’s one person that the buck stops with, is responsible for the muck ups you and I make and who, at every moment side steps responsibility. It’s The Boss. Now, I’ve been in the leather chair and it’s lonely at the top. Good management books will tell you that you should disassociate yourself with the […]

Appraising Your Promotions

Q) I measure my promotions by analysing leads, traffic, response rates, and ROI. I also conduct pre-, at-, and post-show surveys. But I’m still wondering if my promotions are hitting the mark. What are some other ways to analyse their effectiveness? A) While the numeric measurements you’ve been performing are the only way to know […]

Why sales 101 no longer works

To me, it’s ironic that the world of strategic sales training has stayed pretty much the same over the last 15 years, but for most companies, the selling environment has changed dramatically. Consequently, salespeople are having to work harder to penetrate new accounts, while prospective customers are working even harder to keep salespeople at bay. […]

Who’s Counting

As the subject of auditing rumbles on in the media industry, the question of event auditing continues to be a subject many organisers choose to ignore. Let’s face facts: If show organisers didn’t have a reputation for exaggerating their attendance figures, the question of whether trade shows should be audited would be moot. But whether […]

When is a trade show over?

When the last attendee has left the building? When the display is crated for storage? No. The answer is that it’s never really truly over. However, a critical part of winding down is your wrap-up meeting, or debriefing session where you summarize and evaluate how well you did at the event. Your post-show report should […]

Don’t leave home without it. What to pack

I have a couple of confessions to make. First off, I’m a pack rat. I am obsessive about packing everything I could possibly need at a show site. I don’t have the time or inclination during setup to run out and buy cleaning supplies or double-sided tape. My motto is, it’s better to have it and […]