How Leadership Works

Imagine this. You’ve been recruited to be a substitute teacher for a day. You have never taught before. You arrive at the school and are shown to a large, bright room filled with 25 desks. You are left alone when a bell rings and 25 bustling 7th graders file in and sit down-briefly. Before you […]

How Do You Identify Your Very Best People?

The single most important thing you can do to ensure your tradeshow success is to pick your very best people to staff the exhibit. Exhibits that are staffed by friendly, engaging, well-informed staffers can easily generate two to three times the amount of leads than booths staffed by lackluster staffers who lurk in the back […]

Cheat Sheet Writing and designing event promotions 10 tips from experts on how to craft and execute promotional messages

  Don’t forget the obvious • The basic messages should include when, where, what and who should attend. Consider incorporating these into the logo area so they’re never omitted. • Send a mark-your-calendar postcard or e-mail message as soon as the basics are confirmed. These initial mailings should reflect graphic elements of future mailings to begin building […]

Cheat Sheet: Creating attendee-friendly shows

Tips on reviewing your event from an attendee’s point of view Find out what attendees value • Explore all methods of gathering intelligence, from personal intercepts during the show to on-site survey cards or computer/digital surveys. • Do pre- and post-show surveys, and compare expectations and evaluations. • Be sure to include as many open-ended questions as possible. […]

Cheat Sheet Enhancing the Exhibitor Experience

Nothing makes exhibitors happier than qualified buyers in the aisles, but there are other things show organizers can do to enhance exhibitors’ experiences before, during and after the show to maximize customer service and leave a great impression. Pre-show Tips ■ Make it easy to print online exhibitor manuals just a page at a time […]