Conference Management

Conferences and meetings are expensive as precious time and money have to be expended in organizing and conducting these events. It is estimated that it takes over 300 executive man hours to arrange a two-day conference for about 200 people; added to that are the secretarial time, administrative costs, cost to the organization of gathering […]

Floorplan design

Layouts that do more then just maximize space Floorplan design impacts many important aspects of exhibition management, and layouts should be as unique as the show itself. Good design can mean the difference between a dream show and a genuine nightmare. Logistics, space sales and even exhibitor relations are all enhanced by a carefully planned […]

Coming Soon

PLANNING (Before the Show): 30-Point Checklist for Establishing Goals & Objectives 30 Guidelines for Space Selection 30 Questions for Show Selection 45-Point Exhibitor Toolkit Checklist 30-Point Show Services Guidelines 15-Point Exhibit Design Checklist 10-Point Exhibit Marketing Communications Needs Assessor 30 Guidelines for Choosing an Exhibit 40 Questions to Ask About Selecting an Exhibit House 25 […]

How Customer Service Works

No doubt you’ve been on the receiving end of lousy customer service a time or two. You’ve come to a company with questions only to be told by some sterile voice to press this or click that until you arrive full circle to your starting place with no help at all. Or, worse, you’ve reached […]

10 Reasons Why You Need A Blog

I know, I know–you’re busy. I get it. But you’re here, which means that you’re into things like productivity, getting things done, and creating space in your life for the good things. But it’s probably not enough.  Most likely, you’re able to maintain your 200+ emails-per-day workload, multiple projects at a time, and still have enough sanity […]

As seen in Exhibition News

Hiring People – it’s a crap shoot! The success of any event is dependent on the staff that run it. But how does a company employ, and retain, quality staff in a recruitment environment where the talent pool is getting increasingly shallower. Recruitment is made even harder when studies have found that 46% of newly-hired […]