Cheat Sheet: The ROI of Research

Strategic research is critical to the success of your event, but it can also be expensive. Here are 5 common research objectives and 4 cost-effective techniques. It apparently pays to understand your target market. But here’s a tip: Don’t do research unless you’re prepared to act on the information. Don’t ask any questions you can’t […]

Cheat Sheet: Hiring a marketing agency

Five steps for finding, vetting and hiring the best marketing firm to meet your show’s needs Hiring an agency can be a headache for time-strapped show organizers — both large and small. So we’ve asked our experts to share these five tips for finding, vetting and hiring help. Step 1. Consult colleagues, create a short […]

Cheat Sheet: Registration Services

Registration technologies make it easy for attendees and exhibitors to sign up for an event, and they open the door to other advantages, helping organizers with marketing, tracking traffic and even security. Learn how to select registration services and maximize your investment.  How registration technologies are affecting trade shows ■ Attendee satisfaction. Online registration makes […]

Cheat Sheet: Floorplans

What you need to know about designing your floor plan, including tips and tools on stand assignments, safety considerations, floor plan design software and traffic flow Start with the right blueprint Be sure you and your contractor are working with the most current blueprints from the facility. Construction, a major civic event, or security concerns, […]

Selling isn’t telling

When talking about your events you need to understand that they have one thing on their mind: “So what’s in it for me?”. Many organisers neglect this all-important question. Don’t sell features sell benefits – how it’s going to help your prospective buyer. Benefits are the reason that people buy a product. They give the […]

How to promote new events

Imagine for a moment that you produced an event and no one came. The thought produces cold chills. With any event, there’s always the possibility that exhibit sales or attendance will be below expectations. But the risk is even greater with a new event. However, you can minimize that risk and boost your new event’s […]

Cheat Sheet Trade Show Security

What you need to know to keep your show free from theft and unwanted intruders The security RFP •  Start with the convention centre or hotel security plan and build from there. •  Identify areas of specific concern (I&D, registration desk, after-hours coverage, secured holding area or VIPs) and when security personnel are needed. •  Specify the number […]

Cheat Sheet Exceptional exhibitor customer service

Exhibitors are the biggest source of revenue for your event, but often complain of feeling like second-class citizens. Giving exhibitors premium service will pay dividends in renewals and loyalty. Steal ideas liberally from hospitality and other good service providers. Three principles of exhibitor service. Show you care — interest and empathy go a long way. […]