Panic if you hear…

If you find yourself in hospital, or at a medical event, decode the slang.  ·         3H enema – Enema that is “high, hot, and a hell of a lot.” Reputedly given to patients who give staff a hard time. ·         3P’s – Pill, Permissiveness and Promiscuity (relates to female patients with sexually transmitted disease) ·         […]

14 Cost – effective tips for promoting your event

These first appeared in 1999 – has anything really changed! E-mail Use broadcast e-mail to get prospects to do your marketing for you. Send them an e-mail with a unique idea of valuable piece of business information, anything they’d want to pass on to friends or colleagues. Include your promotional message at the end. Include […]

The art of the email invitation.

In any given week, an exhibitor, visitor or speaker you want to attend your event may receive over 20 invitations or more. How do you stand out from the competition? As a marketer, you must create a strategy, plan the program, identify the audience, manage concerns, create incentives, and much. Who could blame you for […]

Online Registration Abandonment and How to Eliminate It

Why do online visitors abandon forms and how can you make sure they complete the registration process AND attend your events? Before we jump into strategies it’s important to understand how your visitors’ expectations and experience impact their likelihood of completing your form. While most advice on form optimisation focuses on improving form usability and […]