The “must-attend” is dead, long live the “must”attend”.

For years visitors have dragged their bodies onto a plane bound for the next “must-attend” event in a not so glamourous destination to contract exotic strains of flu, drink rivers of alcohol, eat mountains of terrible food, pay vast sums for neat piles of overpriced decent food and battle endless lines of irritated visitors all […]

Is technology killing the human connection?

Nothing beats a face-to-face meeting as a means of building rapport and strengthening relationships in the workplace. Simple human interaction is more valuable than a dozen emails. Yet while an overwhelming majority of exhibitors believe face-to-face connections are the best way to interact with people, technology and digitisation are killing human interaction in the event […]


NEW RESEARCH REVEALS MICE MARKET BUOYANT New research into the UK’s conference and meetings sector has revealed that, in 2016, the highest numbers of face-to-face meetings were held at UK venues since 2008. This is despite, or possibly because of, the uncertainty and instability created by Brexit. The research, entitled the ‘UK Conference and Meeting […]