1. Never fail to turn up for an appointment 2. Never promise anything you cannot deliver 3. Never knock the competition 4. Never argue with a prospective client 5. Never leave a lost sale thinking it is gone forever 6. Never turn up for an appointment reeking of alcohol 7. Never deviate from the purpose […]

5 success strategies to doing more with less

Do you find yourself suddenly being asked to do more with less? Did there used to be someone in the office beside you whose job responsibilities have suddenly become your responsibilities? Are you feeling pressure from your boss to deliver, deliver, deliver? It isn’t as if you were slacking off before. Between the meetings, the […]

5 Silver Bullets for Stopping Sales and Marketing Leaks

It’s a sad fact of our profession, but the truth is that more than 70 percent of leads generated by marketing lies untouched by sales. Such sales and marketing “leakage” occurs when marketing spends significant dollars on large-scale campaigns that deliver large volumes of leads but very few bona fide prospects. This, in turn, causes […]

Free Healthcare Industry Report

Future Healthcare 2019, which takes place 18-19 March 2019 at Olympia ,London, is a dedicated showcase for healthcare products and providers across the entire spectrum of the healthcare industry. Register today and download our “The Future of Healthcare” market intelligence report.  Click Here Organised in association with the UKIMA – UK International Healthcare Management Association, […]