Love the one you’re with

9 tips for building loyalty — and commissions The number one goal of most sales teams is acquiring new customers. In fact, many of the teams I coach even have bigger budgets, more creative leeway and earn higher commissions when they acquire new business. To my mind, however, there’s a big problem with this line […]

Event coffee culture: a guide

We, as event professionals, live on coffee. The idea of not drinking coffee to stave of boredom or the inevitable hangover is an alien thought.   Coffee is so much a part of event management culture that the idea of not drinking it is as foreign as the idea of having to explain the variants […]

15 Attendance Boosters

 Take a holistic approach to attendance promotion — the direct mail piece is only 10% of the total effort needed. A successful show brings the right number of qualified attendees to the show floor. Work on all three elements and you will have a very profitable event. If you manage the expectations of your exhibitors, you […]

100 Tips in 5 minutes

Saturate your drive-in market to capture “impulse” attendees. Do frequent surveys especially on hot topics to ensure your perception of your show is in line with that of your attendees and exhibitors. Don’t be boring — make your show a real event. Get everything in writing; good will and good intentions net nothing in reality. […]