13 Telltale Signs You’re an Event or Tradeshow Professional . . .

Words like signage, registration, priority points, rendering, lead retrieval door drop are a regular part of your lexicon

  1. The thought of light traffic is a very bad thing
  2. Your buddies in the communications department now hate you for the unavoidable flurry of last minute, seemingly insignificant (note: seemingly) edits you request for text on signs and in conference publications
  3. Your head nearly explodes when you spot an error on-site on said signs or in the conference publications you proofread so many times your eyes watered incessantly and you learned what ocular migraines are
  4. You determine your route through the exhibit hall floor based on the booths with the most expensive carpet (think ultra-padded and so soft you almost have to grip it with your toes to keep from losing your balance)
  5. On the last day of the exhibition you summon  your best auditory and stalking skills and track down exhibitors attempting early dismantle
  6. You utilize your newly-realized stalking skills to trail a suspected suitcaser, ninja-style, all the way from the exhibit hall to the other end of the convention center to catch him in the act
  7. You are familiar with the term booth babe, but can’t help but smirk when you realize it’s not just limited to women booth babe of the male species
  8. You have perfected the stink-eye to the point where the exhibitor who continues to subtly turn up the volume of their microphone (despite repeated and strongly-worded warnings) stops dead in his tracks and obediently complies for the rest of the show
  9. If you are lucky enough to win the temp staff lottery, you will use any means possible to keep your co-workers from stealing your star employee
  10. You know how to spell and pronounce tschotske . . . and wonder what medical conference exhibit halls looked like before the PhRMA Code on Interactions with Healthcare Professionals
  11. You witness firsthand that the stories you’ve read about what happens to exhibitors who are crazy enough to break union rules are not tall tales at all
  12. Despite reasons 2 – 15, when the show closes and your work is done, you are at the hotel bar with your general services contractor, celebrating and joking about the did-that-really-just-happen-moments over a glass of wine (or two . . .)

Then you start it all over again!


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