Acronyms for the event organiser


2BC/2: Too Bloody Clever by Half

A3: Any time, Any place, Anywhere.

AAA: Alive, Alert, Aggressive

ADIDAS: All Day I Dream About Sex

AGA: Acute Gravity Attack.

AHOYA: Asshole Of The Year Award.

AKUTA: A Kick up The Arse/Ass.

ASTRO: Always Stating The Really Obvious.

ATNA: All Talk No Action..

AWTF: Away With The Fairies.

BANANA: Built Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone.

BHNC: Big Hat No Cattle.

BIAT: Boss Is A Twit/Twerp/Twat etc. No

BITCH: Babe In Total Control of Herself.

BMW: Bitch, Moan and Whine/Whinge.

BOAC: Better On A Camel.

BOHICA: Bend Over, Here It Comes Again.

BSA: Bloody Sore Arse/Ass.

BUFFS: Buck Up For Flips Sake.

BUNDY: But Unfortunately Not Dead Yet

BUNDY: But Unfortunately Not Dead Yet.

BURP: Bankrupt Unemployed Rejected Person. Never

C**T: Computer User Non-Technical.

CADET: Can’t Add, Doesn’t Even Try.

CBI: Completely Bloody Ignorant.

CHAOS: Chief Has Arrived On Scene.

CHAV: Council Housed And Violent.

CRAFT: Can’t Remember A Flipping Thing.

CRS: Can’t Remember Shit/Stuff.

CSN: Computer Says No.

DIKWIAD?: Do I Know What I Am Doing?

DILLIGAFF: Do I Look Like I Give A Flying Fig?

DIMWIT: Don’t Interrupt Me While I’m Talking.

DTS : Danger To Shipping.

EBCAD: Error Between Chair and Desk

EGYPT: Eager To Grab Your Pretty Toes/Tits/Testicles.

F11K: Flip If I Know.

FAS: Fat And Stupid.

FCNK: Fur Coat No Knickers.

FDGB: Fall Down Go Boom.

FEAR: Forget Everything And Run.

FIGJAM :Flip I’m Good, Just Ask Me.

FITH: Fecked In The Head.

FOBIO: Frequently Outwitted By Inanimate Objects

FOFO: Feck Off and Find Out.

FRACS: Fornicates Regularly And Chain Smokes

FRED: Flipping Ridiculous Electronic Device.

FUBAR: Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition.

FUJIYAMA: Feck You Jack I’m Alright.

GAAFOFY: Go Away And Find Out For Yourself

GLAM: Greying, Leisured, Affluent, Married.

HIVI: Husband Is Village Idiot.

HUHA: Head Up His/Her Arse/Ass.

JAFO: Just Another Flipping Observer.

JAPAN: Jump And Pump All Night.

KOALA: Kit Off And Legs Akimbo..

LOMBARD: Loads Of Money But A Real Dickhead.

NOCD: Not Our Class Dear.

OSINTOT: Oh Shit I Never Thought Of That.

PAFO: Pissed And Fell Over

PEBCAK: Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard.

RAPC: Run Away People Coming.

ROMEO: Retired Old Men Eating Out.

ROTFLA: Rolling On The Floor Laughing And

SADFAB: Single And Desperate For A Baby.

SATs: Stupid Ass Test(s

SITCOM: Single Income Two Children Oppressive Mortgage.

ST FAGOS: Sod This For A Game Of Soldiers.

SUMO: Shut Up Move On.

SWAG: Scientific Wild Arsed Guess.

SWMBO: (‘swambo’) She Who Must Be Obeyed.

TAWSUTA: That’s Another Week Shot Up the Arse

TOBASH: Take Out Back And SHoot.

UBI: Unexplained Beer Injury.

VIOT: Village Idiot On Tour.

WAFI: Wind Assisted Flaming Idiot.

WOMBAT: Waste Of Money, Brains And Time

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