Appraising Your Promotions

Q) I measure my promotions by analysing leads, traffic, response rates, and ROI. I also conduct pre-, at-, and post-show surveys. But I’m still wondering if my promotions are hitting the mark. What are some other ways to analyse their effectiveness?

A) While the numeric measurements you’ve been performing are the only way to know for sure whether your promotions are working, there are other softer, subtler ways to evaluate promotions. While they should never replace measurements and metrics, the following 17 questions can help you consider your promotions from another angle.

  1. Did the promotion attract the proper attendees to the exhibit?
  2. Did it facilitate desirable traffic flow?
  3. Did attendees seem to enjoy the promotion, and if so, how was this quantified – via anecdotal comments or an objective measurement process?
  4. Did it reinforce the brand?
  5. Did it prolong attendees’ stay to aid retention of your featured products, services, and solutions?
  6. Did the text and imagery increase post-show retention and encourage top-of-mind awareness?
  7. Did it collect accurate, customized information from attendees to facilitate prompt follow up?
  8. Did it reinforce your company’s message and image?
  9. Did the promotion contain consistent pre- and at-show imagery and messages to trigger company, product, or promotion recognition as attendees approached the booth?
  10. Did it encourage personal interaction and facilitate discussions between staff and attendees?
  11. Did attendees understand and retain the message, and was this measured objectively?
  12. Did it educate attendees about your company or product?
  13. Was there a logical connection between the promotion’s creative theme and your key messages, products, and services?
  14. Was the complexity of the creative concept and the message appropriate for the audience and your objectives?
  15. Was it well integrated into the marketing strategy?
  16. Did it help accomplish your company’s measurable goals and objectives?
  17. Did it differentiate your company from the competition?

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