Facebook Woes

For my sins, I watched much of the Facebook proceedings and I’d urge anyone commentating to do so because it seems to me that the press reporting is biased.

Facebook is a relatively young company that has grown rapidly and is experiencing the growing pains associated with it.

Data, the security of it and keeping nefarious nasties away from it is a constant battle, not just for FB.

One of the senators reeled off a list of data breaches over the last 10 years. Most were much larger than the Cambridge Analytics numbers.

I would think that all the major players, Google, Twitter and the like have all had their “Cambridge” it’s just that they haven’t been exposed.

Facebook is free and as a users if you think that we’re not the product then it’s us as users who are part of the problem. With personal data, if you don’t want people to use it, don’t supply it.

Personally, the hearings have taught me one important thing. After the hours of watching, I need to get a hobby or at least get out more!

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