The Intrapreneur*’s Ten Comandments

 * That’s not a typo. An Intrapreneur is a manager within a company who promotes innovation, development and marketing.

  1. Build your team, intrapreneuring is not a solo activity.
  2. Share credit widely.
  3. Ask for advice before you ask for resources.
  4. Underpromise and overdeliver — publicity triggers the corporate immune system.
  5. Do any job needed to make your dream work, regardless of your.job description.
  6. Remember it is easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission.
  7. Keep the best interests of the company and its customers in mind, especially when you have to bend the rules or circumvent the bureaucracy.
  8. Come to work each day willing to be fired.
  9. Be true to your goals, but be realistic about how to achieve them.
  10. Honour and educate your everyone around you.

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