Events have become today’s powerful international trade promotion medium and exhibitions, trade fairs and their related conferences are dynamic tools in the enhancement of trade and the transfer of technology as well as providing the most powerful tool for driving increased sales and revenues.

Events come in all shapes and sizes and involve a wide range of elements and to create a successful event a broad range of skills are required.

We are a specialist management consultancy, special projects company and tactical event management  training specialists. It is founded on over 25 years expertise developed in the global events industry and provides specialist advice and services for the development and management of all aspects of the events sector through an extensive skills base and effective management techniques.

Our consultants advise, guide and assist you in the planning stages of your event. We can start at the ‘early ideas’ stage, join in when you come across challenges with which you need assistance or when the time is right for you to call in our expert help.

Our event consultancy team come from very different backgrounds and specialise in their individual areas. The co-ordination by our event managers brings everyone together to work as a team. Our event managers ensure that relevant information is communicated to the relevant people and prioritise resources available.

All the projects we take on are based on meticulous research, developing strong relationships, effective communication and within your budget. As soon as you make a decision to organise an event, speak with us.

Our services cover the entire spectrum of exhibitions, cultural events, conferences, conventions and trade centres and include:

  • Advice on operations and event management
  • B2B events
  • Concept and site master planning
  • Conference planning and management
  • Design and operation of exhibition venues
  • Design briefing and monitoring
  • Economic impact of exhibition centres
  • Event market research
  • Event management
  • Event research
  • Feasibility studies
  • Management leadership
  • Marketing and Market Research
  • Marketing strategies
  • Master planning
  • Planning, programming and coordination
  • Press, public relations and advertising
  • Project strategies, management, marketing and design
  • Strategic business planning
  • Training and recruitment, onsite or internationally.


We recognise the potential of trade fairs as a catalyst for economic growth, especially in the world’s emerging markets. The ability to transfer the know-how acquired by our consultants has resulted in the set-up and development of many exhibition sectors and facilities, especially in the Middle East, Russia, Africa and Asia. A sensitivity to different cultures and markets has resulted in many years of successful specialist consulting.

How We Work

We work as:

  • Principal consultant, (selecting and leading tailor-made teams of its own and outside consultants),
  • As specialist sub-consultant (under another principal),
  • As a direct adviser to client organisations.

Although based in the UK, our consultants are accustomed to working effectively abroad.

Consulting Opportunities

To augment its consultants, we have access to a panel of specialists with expertise in the exhibitions sector – architects and planners, business and marketing consultants, designers and trainers. The key qualification is proven professional involvement in the exhibitions environment and international experience is especially valuable.

Contract Services

We are able to identify how to improve performance, devise strategy and then build a contracted or permanent executive management team to take the lead on launches, redevelopment or other major event projects.

Training, coaching and mentoring

We know well-designed and produced events deliver considerable returns of investment – they are the ultimate live marketing experience. Knowing how to deliver great events is a learned skill.

The vast majority of event planners lack experience or formal qualifications and yet are expected to deliver outstanding events in the most public of environments. Many are accidental or occasional event planners: it’s not the day job. Events may appear in the job description but not in your job title. Well help is at hand.

We provide support for those who want to run spectacular, highly-successful events, with the support and guidance a dedicated event management coach. We provide support across the UK, Europe and the Middle East

We offer the opportunity of having a dedicated event expert. Our event management coaching service helps in the design, planning and delivery of outstanding events.

The service provides a seasoned event expert from concept to completion and every stage in between – meaning that by working with experienced events professionals, everything will be done to ensure that objectives are met to be able to deliver a high-quality event.

Short Event Management Courses

These are designed to improve your event planning skills.  We provide event training for the first-time event, accidental and occasional event planners right through to experienced events professionals.

Our course offer tailored half, one and two-day workshops right up to multiple day master classes that easily fit around your staff work commitments and work within your budgets.

What are the benefits of our in-house event management courses?

The convenience of practical ‘how to’ event sessions, delivered by practicing event managers i.e. no flannel, just what you need to do…conducted on a one-to-one or one-to-many basis.

An in-house course. We come to you. Courses are held where and when you want them. Clients just need to provide a suitably equipped training room.

It saves staff travel and accommodation costs and reduces staff time away from the office.

It’s a highly effective way of developing new knowledge, skills and behaviours quickly.

Provides a quick and very cost effective way to develop staff: probably cheaper than sending your people on individual generic event courses. If you add extra people on your course you will reduce the overall cost per delegate, saving you more money.

You receive a course designed specifically to your needs, event planning experience, plans and aligned to your organisational and personal objectives.

Event Management Consultancy

We offer you the opportunity of having your own event expert work alongside your staff. Our event management coaching service allows you to design, plan and deliver your own outstanding event – with help and guidance of an experienced event manager. Attend a venue site visit meeting with you:

We provide ad hoc services where it may be just one or multiple elements of an event need help. The following are examples of the types of services we provide.

If you want somebody to support you through every step of the event management process, (we’ll learn and deliver your event together) then this service is for you. 

  • Help you run an event design meeting
  • Help prepare a site plan
  • Meet the event planning team and conduct a full review of progress to date and where it’s believed where focus needs attention.
  • Write an event risk assessment
  • Write an event management plan
  • Help create and write an event promotional plan

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