Our Services

All the projects we take on are based on meticulous research, developing strong relationships, effective communication and within your budget. As soon as you make a decision to organise an event, speak with us.
Our services cover the entire spectrum of exhibitions, cultural events, conferences, conventions and trade centres and include:
• Advice on operations and event management
• B2B events
• Concept and site master planning
• Conference planning and management
• Data and audience analysis
• Design and operation of exhibition venues
• Economic impact of exhibition centres
• Event finance, cost analysis and budgeting
• Event growth strategy
• Event management
• Event market research
• Event research
• Feasibility analysis and advice
• Lead generation planning
• Marketing and Market Research
• Event strategies
• Master planning
• Planning, programming and coordination
• Press, public relations and advertising
• Project management, marketing and design
• ROI optimisation
• Strategic planning
• Third-party event supplier vetting and negotiation
• Topic generation, research and market testing
• Training and recruitment, onsite or internationally.
• Venue advice and appraisal