Registration | Data

Trade show registration and data strategy can be overwhelming.
We understand that the people attending your event really matter and their data matters more. With a range of services available both before and during your event, we support organisers like you by looking after your attendees while you look after your event.
With our registration and data solutions you get it all:
• Practical, straightforward and easy setup
• Quick delivery of online solutions
• A “green” and paperless event registration process
• Online and on-site registration
• Custom badge designs, registration forms and emails
• Manage contacts
• Take secure payments
• Multiple price options and discount codes
• Multi lingual pre-show and on-site registration
• Mobile connectivity
• Seamlessly integrate social media marketing
• Secure 24/7 online data management
• Responsive and client centred 24/7/365 customer service
• Exhibitor registration
• Registration staff training
• Badge on demand
• E-ticket registration
• Real time visitor information
• Delegate tracking
• Prompts and messaging
• Event update screens
Size of audience is immaterial, having been in the event business for over 25 years, we’ve experience of domestic and international events of all sizes and in most locations and we offer costs to fit any budget.
Our flexibility is key. We work with our clients to ensure that our approach meets their brief and expectations. Dedicated teams with the experience you need. Work with talented and well-versed individuals who understand the business and know how to get your tasks done.