15 Attendance Boosters

 Take a holistic approach to attendance promotion — the direct mail piece is only 10% of the total effort needed. A successful show brings the right number of qualified attendees to the show floor. Work on all three elements and you will have a very profitable event. If you manage the expectations of your exhibitors, you […]

100 Tips in 5 minutes

Saturate your drive-in market to capture “impulse” attendees. Do frequent surveys especially on hot topics to ensure your perception of your show is in line with that of your attendees and exhibitors. Don’t be boring — make your show a real event. Get everything in writing; good will and good intentions net nothing in reality. […]

How to visit a tradeshow

According to study, 39% of attendees spend less than eight hours visiting a show. As with exhibiting, planning and preparation are essential to maximizing time on the trade show floor. The following 30 points will help simplify the process next time you find yourself playing visitor: Before the Show: 1. Know what you want to […]

Don’t Judge a Visitor by Their Appearance

 Can you determine if someone’s likely to be a good customer before they ever set foot in your stand? Does the cut of one’s suit, choice of hairstyle, or jewelry preferences indicate alikelihood to do business with your organization? Does a nervous twitch or a clammy handshake say anything about a person’s honesty?  Despite the […]

Wagging the Dog

Plan Ahead for What Happens After the Show It might seem a little backward. After all, why would you want to waste time and energy worrying now about things that won’t happen until the show closes?  Doesn’t it seem like putting the cart before the horse? It might seem that way, but the reality is thatpreparing […]

When Good Clients Go Bad

There is a seeming trend recently across the events industry to lay the blame for failed relationships directly at contractors feet, with a plethora of excuses being uttered from the management team exclaiming how bad a contractor they were, how they simply didn’t get what the contractor was offering or worse how they never liked […]

Winning or Whining — It’s Your Choice!

There are two types of Trade Show veterans — winners and whiners. Both are adamant in their positions. Winners see shows as a bastion of opportunity while the whiners see them as dull, boring and a waste of resources. Does one group know something the other doesn’t? Does one have an edge over the other? […]

Winnie the Pooh and You…at the Tradeshow?

At first glance, there’s no connection between Disney’s Winnie the Pooh and tradeshows.  The same is true of Piglet, Tigger, and the rest of the gang.  What could this cuddly group of childhood favourites possibly teach us about exhibiting? Surprisingly, quite a bit.  There are some very strong similarities between Winnie the Pooh and the […]